Friday, July 25, 2008

Question: "Eye" For Detail? Or "I" Give Too Many Details?

"Eye" For Detail * Because "Eye" Love Details!!!
Dilema: As you all know, I am seriously a newbie when it comes to the Blogging world...And I am really loving starting-up my blog. But, I've noticed something about my style of posts are beginning to look more like lengthy chapters of a book instead of short, simple and sweet posts. What's the deal, Lele.lumz? Am I scared that there is going to be a word shortage so I try to type as many words as possible in each of my posts or something? lol! I don't actually know the rhyme or the reason...but I'm beginning to think that maybe I am a bit OCD with details! Personally, I looooooove details, the more details the better! But I know that not everyone loves details as much as me, including Mr. Hubby. He is a cut-to-the-chase sorta man and details don't mean so much too him, unless it comes in the form of a sports play-by-play of course! lol!
Really, Is it just that I have an "Eye" for Detail or Is it Perhaps the fact that "I" just give too many Details? Maybe a combination of both? Hmmmmm....Good Question?!
Who knows, who cares.... as long as you enjoy my blog, that's all I care about!!!! lol :)
So, when it comes to my new adventure in blogging....I hope my long, short-story posts don't overwhelm anyone! I'm just doing what I do ya' the scoop by providing *all* the necessary (& perhaps some UN-necessary details) to help give ya the real effect of my life...
this is by the way, ....................................

The Life of Lele.lumz~
(The real life expressions of a 20-something work-at-home mom of 2 who is a newbie blogger and who talks way too much!!!)

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