Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Expressions!: Big Primpin' with a Trendy "Bump" Hairstyle!

Hair need a bit of a lift, but can't seem to get it stay in place with the tangly-teasing and a ton of hairspray? Well, ladies, you're in luck to get that lift that you'd love for your locks!

I saw a product introduced on a home-shopping channel yesterday (yes I am a home shopping junkie!) and it is called~ Big Happie Hair Bump-its. It is an actual hair tool/accessory that allows you to lock-in that lift to create a cute bump. The bump is a great way to add lift to your hair and make it appear to be more thicker on top. It is common to see Hollywood's hotlist with hairstyle bumps this season. The accessories come in sets of 5 that vary in size and color (match your haircolor). You can create little bumps, medium bumps, and very large bumps (this size is called "Rock Star!") This accessory sounds much easier to use than tons of teasing, tons of hairspray and tons of bobbie pins.......wonder if it really works? I'll let you know after I get it because you know I had to order it and see for myself! lol :)

Life of Lele.lumz
(The real-life expressions of a 20-something work-at-home mom of 2 who wants Big Happie Hair! lol)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Life~Lessons!: Survival List for Amusement Parks!

Well guys.....we survived! We all made it back from our un-amusing amusement park adventure yesterday (actually in the wee hours of the morning) and we each managed to do so in one-piece! So even though I am much too tired to be on here blogging my updates to you, I wanted to do so really quick because I know you didn't think I would survive it (and I'm sure you all were freaking out that maybe I passed out from the heat or possibly fell off of a roller coaster or something! lol) I needed to put your minds at ease and just update my survival status real quick! Of course I was looking forward to sleeping in just a bit today....but little Mr. Potty Training Man had to wake up to go pee bright & early this morning and woke up everyone in the house with his loud "I did it! I did it! I used the potty again!" expressions! He is so proud and we are so proud of him.....but man, oh man, was it early!
Here is a quick list of Do's & Dont's for you the next time you visit an Amusement park!
Do take your kids to an amusement park. They will love it!
Do take yourself to an amusement park without your kids. You will love it more!
Do take lots of money. It is expensive to just get in the gate, let alone food & drinks.
Do check the weather and make sure it is not going to be too hot or rain all day!
Do take a stroller to transport lil' kids. Most places charge over $15 to rent one.
Don't expect short lines....they will be long no matter what!
Don't expect all the rides to be open. Over 10 were closed yesterday. No water rides open! :(
Don't expect "free" ice water....they offer bottled water for a small fee of $5! Outrageous!
Don't loose your kids in the crowd...even though a few minutes break from them sounds fun!
Don't pick to go on a day when you are within the first few days/weeks of potty training a kid! You will not be hanging out in ride lines but rather restroom lines!
Don't forget sunscreen! Why does it always feel so much hotter at these parks!
Don't forget to have fun! Your building wonderful memories for yourself & your kids! :)

Well......have a great day and don't forget to come back & see me again soon! :)
Life of Lele.lumz
(The real life blog of a 20-something work at home mom of 2 who has managed to survive a long, hot day at the amusement park yesterday and is running on empty today!)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Expression: No Fun At Amusement Parks!

Remember the days when going to an amusement park and spending the entire day there was soooo exciting? So exciting that you couldn't sleep the night before-exciting? Well, those days are apparently looooong-gone for me because I no longer get that giddy-amusement park feeling, instead I feel like a big day of torture is ahead of me.
Why am I so un-looking forward to it you ask? How many reasons do you want?! lol
Rewind to a hot July day last summer :

My BiG Un-Amusing Amusement Park Day Itinerary!
5:00 AM: Wake up, get ready, pack everything we need.
5:30 AM: Wake kids up. Get them ready, feed them.
6:00 AM: Double check to make sure we are good-to-go.
6:30 AM: Take off.
6:35 AM: Stop at a gas station so 2-year-old can pee. This is bound to go on all day long every 5- 15 minutes so bear with me as I lose my mind. Bad time to start potty-training with this "fun" day planned! lol
8:30 AM: Arrive at Amusement Park. Pay $160 to just get in the door! By this time it is like 99 degrees outside.
10:00 AM: After suffering heat exhaustion and after 103 trips to the bathroom for Mr. Potty Training man, I am ready to leave already. But no...the kids don't want to leave...we just got here! Great, looks like I'm stuck here for a while.
12:00 PM: I need to make them eat lunch. I am starving! Finally paid $100 bucks for us to eat a light lunch and now Mr. Potty Training Man needs to go to the bathroom again....Ugh! Do you really have to do Number 2? Well, ladies & gentlemen, I might as well pull up a chair and a good book cause this might take awhile.
2:00 PM: Finally done in the bathroom with little man. Back to the long lines and the heat.
3:00 PM: Can't we leave yet? Am I the only one who is dying here? It has to atleast be 130 degrees out now! I can't breathe. Another potty break.
5:00 PM: This line has approximately 'two hour wait"....What?! That's crazy! 9-year-old roller coaster know-it-all son says "Mom, this ride is sooo worth the wait. It was just built and it takes you up 635 feet high and it has 18 loops, 4 hills and the g-force on it is so great that..." Okay, okay...we'll ride year when something else is new & more exciting...then this line won't be sooo long on this one! How's that for an idea? (If only this would work! :) 3 more potty breaks.
6:00 PM: I've almost been thrown up on 2-3 times by random people exiting rides. A bird pooped on my head & a wasp has made a swimming pool out of little man's bottled water that he forgot to put the cap back on. Good thing I caught that before he started to chug! Wow, what a day....Can we leave yet? Oh........another potty break.
8:00 PM: It's starting to cool off out here, now it's only like 118 degrees outside! Poor kids are still having a blast besides the fact that they are beat-red despite the heavy application of sunblock 4 times today. I've got a splitting headache by this time because I forgot my sunglasses and I couldn't afford $46 to buy a new pair in the gift shop. Couldn't afford a bottle of Tylenol in there either, so I guess I'll suffer for the rest of the day. It is almost time to leave now, right? Oh...another potty break.
9:00 PM: Where's little nephew man at? Oh no! It seems that we've neglected to keep track of all the kids! "I thought you had him!" No, I thought you had him!" After 3.5 seconds of not knowing where little nephew man's whereabouts were...he appears 2 feet in front of us with a Spongebob stuffed toy and a half-empty can of warm Mountain Dew. So his mommy asks him where he got it from and he points over to an abandoned stroller by the trash can. Can you say Yuck? And then he had the nerve to cry about returning Spongebob back to his original owner! I think someone needs a nap.......ME!!!!
10:00 PM: More long lines....14 more potty breaks and $32 more spent on a few cold drinks.....Can we leave yet? The park closes at 10:00, right? Yeah! I start to get my second-wind! I am soooo excited that it is time to go! :)

Why aren't people leaving? What did you say? Did you say that this place is open tonight until 11:00 PM? Another hour of torture? Are you kidding me? Quick grab the kids and tell them it's closing now so we need to hurry and leave to avoid traffic. Why aren't they falling for it? How come the 9-year-old knew it didn't close until 11:00 and I, the parent, didn't even know that? Well, it's nice that the 2-year-old just chimed in and said "Yeah, mommy....kwoses at eleben! (Translation: Closes at Eleven) Are you kidding me? Why did everyone know this but me???
More potty breaks and $28 more dollars spent on some junky light-up sticks for the kids and some colorful fireworks later..........

11:00 PM: Ladies & gentlemen, it is NOW 11:00 PM...It is NOW time to leave the park!
First, another potty break before we leave.
11:35 PM: We finally managed to make it to our vehicle. It was only about 2.5 miles away from the entrance gate! I was surprised that it was so easy for us to find. We had no problem at all.....Probably because it was the LAST vehicle in the entire lot! Are you kidding me....I am the last one to get out of this place? I want to scream & shout all at the same time. Not to mention another 2.5 hour drive home. That puts us in our driveway sometime between 2:00 AM - 3:00 AM (depending on amount of potty breaks!)
I am so ready to go home.
Home, Home, Home! Home sweet home! I am never doing that again! That was pure craziness! So glad to be home! :)

One year later: Planning another torture day at the same place in the same heat with the same kids and the same long-lines and the same expensive food....and the bird poop and the warm cans of someone else's pop by the trashcan, and the cries and the whines and the.......pure torture I tell ya! Why do this again, I ask myself?
Because we do it every year and because the kids absolutely love it. They look so forward to all the hype that it actually reminds me of reminds me of the fun I used to have when I would go to an amusement park in the summertime with my family when I was little. It didn't matter how hot it was and how long the lines were......there was a time that I used to love every minute of it! Imagine that! I'm sure my mom felt like I feel now. Of course, if she was overly miserable there I never knew it. She cared more about me having fun than anything else, I guess. That's what I'll try to do for my kids...........

Try to make them think I'm having fun there. Yep, that's what I'll do. I'll have to start doing that next year though because we're actually going tomorrow and I already know it's not happening tomorrow. It's gonna be hot and sticky and I've got another one in the preliminary potty training stage phase and I am already anticipating my day to be pretty much a carbon-copy of the day I just posted on here (my experience every year for the last 3 years!). So, If it's possible to enjoy a day of torture as outlined above, somebody please give me the name of the physician that prescribed those special "happy" pills to you so I can make an appointment ASAP!!!! lol :)

So....everyone, please hope the best for me tomorrow (as you are at home & comfy in the luxury of cool air conditioning) as I try to make it through another un-amusing day at the amusement park without flipping out and/or passing out from the heat.
Thanks Guys! If I survive this day....I will be back soon! :)
Life of Lele.lumz
(The Real-life expressions of a 20-something mom of 2 who doesn't mind being miserable one day a year to make a trip to the amusement park for her long as everyone is okay with her crying & whining about wanting to leave...the minute we walk in the gate! lol)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Expression: A Smile is Worth 1,000 Words! :)

Before I starting working from home, I used to work as a Medical Assistant at a very busy Family Practice/Medical Office. I really enjoyed it a lot. My favorite thing about the position was definitely the patients. There is something special about the feeling you get when you make a sick person feel better, put a worried mommy's mind to ease, hold a newborn baby in your arms, hug an elderly patient who is having a bad day, coax a young lady who is worried about an unplanned pregnancy, and make that ever anticipated phone call to an anxious gentleman to tell him that all of his blood work came back "just fine!"

Of course, no two days in the Medical Field are ever quite the same.....some days can be terribly heart-wrenching for physicians and nurses. It is difficult to see someone struggling with pain or dealing with the loss of someone close to them. I consider myself very empathetic and compassionate so it is common for me to find myself visualizing my own self in that person's shoes. It makes it easier to find the right words to say to them to provide them comfort and to let them know that you care.

One thing that I did share with all of the patients that we saw each day was a nice, comforting smile. Many times, I was thanked for my smile. I know how much a smile means to me, so it was wonderful to find out that it had the same importance to others around me. It's amazing how much something so small can mean to someone.

Have you made it a point to smile at others today? If not, go out and express yourself like I just did........
Sending smiles your way! :)
Life of Lele.lumz
(The Real-Life expressions of a 20-something work-at-home mom of 2 who wears her heart on her sleeve and loves to see ya smile!)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Question: "Eye" For Detail? Or "I" Give Too Many Details?

"Eye" For Detail * Because "Eye" Love Details!!!
Dilema: As you all know, I am seriously a newbie when it comes to the Blogging world...And I am really loving starting-up my blog. But, I've noticed something about my style of posts are beginning to look more like lengthy chapters of a book instead of short, simple and sweet posts. What's the deal, Lele.lumz? Am I scared that there is going to be a word shortage so I try to type as many words as possible in each of my posts or something? lol! I don't actually know the rhyme or the reason...but I'm beginning to think that maybe I am a bit OCD with details! Personally, I looooooove details, the more details the better! But I know that not everyone loves details as much as me, including Mr. Hubby. He is a cut-to-the-chase sorta man and details don't mean so much too him, unless it comes in the form of a sports play-by-play of course! lol!
Really, Is it just that I have an "Eye" for Detail or Is it Perhaps the fact that "I" just give too many Details? Maybe a combination of both? Hmmmmm....Good Question?!
Who knows, who cares.... as long as you enjoy my blog, that's all I care about!!!! lol :)
So, when it comes to my new adventure in blogging....I hope my long, short-story posts don't overwhelm anyone! I'm just doing what I do ya' the scoop by providing *all* the necessary (& perhaps some UN-necessary details) to help give ya the real effect of my life...
this is by the way, ....................................

The Life of Lele.lumz~
(The real life expressions of a 20-something work-at-home mom of 2 who is a newbie blogger and who talks way too much!!!)

Confession* I Need Help In The Kitchen!!!

Okay, here's a Confession for you!*
I Need Help In The Kitchen!!!

My problem is that I am not one who enjoys meal preparation or meal clean-up. The only thing I like about the whole food creation process is the actually eating of the meal! Since I dislike all the work that goes into creating a wonderful and tasty meal, I take a lot of shortcuts....with the end result being much less desirable than the anticipated one!!! (i.e. My food never turns out picture-perfect like the clip in the recipe book...and the reviews are never quite so satisfactory in my family!)

What's wrong, I forgetting to add-in an ingredient or two (or three!)? Am I leaving the food in the oven too long? What's wrong? That food is NOT burnt..Why, you don't love the natural flavoring that Cajun-style cooking offers, huh? :)

Okay, now! Enough laughing! My cooking is not that bad! I don't turn a recipe into a crime lab or anything....I just have problems with food creativity. My real issue is not entirely the fact that cooking is not my favorite thing to do....instead the real issue is that I run out of meal ideas quickly. I have the tendency to try to make something new....and it ends up being a huge hit in my house with the boys and hubby. I get excited! Yeah!!! They loved that! Better go to the store and buy all the ingredients to make it again in a few days!!! Well, the second time around wasn't such a huge hit, it ends up being more of a "Thanks, hon. That was good again." Hmmmm....did I leave anything out? No, I don't think so. They seemed to like it but were less enthusiastic. I was expecting fireworks for dessert! Wait a minute.....rewind back to hubby's response..."Thanks, hon. That was good ***." Wait, rewind that, what did he say after "good"? "Again"......did he have the nerve to say...AGAIN!? I get the HINT. Great-taste, but not so great taste two times in the same week! I get it. Hmmmm.....picky eaters, eh? I know some people who eat left-overs all week long....I guess that's not for everyone, but it must work for some. Wish hubs & little guys would get hip to this low maintenance lifestyle! lol :)

It's actually pretty funny in our house since I came to the revelation that some food actually tastes better when only served *every*now*and*then....instead of every*other*day! lol
So now, everytime I make something new.....After dinner when hubby and the kids are helping cleanup and say how much they liked the meal, I ask much do you like this meal? Is it a once a week, once a month, once a year, or a once a lifetime meal! Then I know how often they would like to eat it!!!! Honesty is always the best policy and I think my kids are learning this well!!!

I guess the only other alternative would be to let hubby & the kids cook.........Hmmmm. After careful consideration of this, I have come to the conclusion that it's safer that I do. I do not want to have my house burn down and I also do not want any surprise ingredients in my food. (i.e. My oldest son owns a little pet snake....enough said!) :)

Hope you have enjoyed this Confession of mine....Hope I didn't scare ya away with the snake info! Please come back and check me out again soon.....
Until next time (Probably tomorrow!).............................

Life of Lele.lumz
(The confession of a 20-something work-at-home mom of 2 who has real issues with cooking!)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Life: Working From Home

Working from Home!

As many of you know, I work from home. I work per Diem (as available) as a Medical Reports Proofreader and part-time as a Internet Research Guide. I really enjoy both positions a lot. Working from home allows me the opportunity to create a schedule that meets the needs of my family. In my book, family comes first. Of course, bills do not stop showing up in your mailbox just because you decide to stop worrying so much about them! It would be great if they would but that's just wishful thinking....and uh..perhaps against the law to just "pretend" the mailman never delivered them! :)

Working from home allows me the ability to help compliment and supplement the income my husband brings in. I have the opportunity to work full-time from home.....but with my kids being the focus here, Why spend all my time working when I can be playing Lego's, watching Sesame Street and singing the Alphabet Song all day, everyday with the little people in the world that I love the most? Three years ago when I started working from home, I made a commitment to myself and my family that I would only do what I needed to do to help out with our income. Never did I expect to make a full-time salary like I did working full-time at my brick-and-mortar health care job. I knew I didn't want to spend all day working anymore! If we could cut back on a few things and live within our means and still be happy....I knew it was worth giving it a shot! Making money to pay for groceries, gasoline, basic needs, school supplies and fees, utility bills, and an occasional car or house payment was enough to make myself beam with pride! Also, the satisfaction of knowing I have something to fall back on in case hubby's job is ever in jeopardy is very comforting! And to top it all off, the kids seem rather pleased to still have me home with them.....I guess they haven't got tired of me yet, so I guess I'll keep doing this work-at-home stuff. It really seems to work out well for us! lol :)

My question for you is.....
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to actually make money working from home? To quit your 9-5 job and put an end to the rush-hour commute to and from work? To save money on the expense of gasoline and the expense of eating out for lunch? Do you ever wish you could spend more time with your kids but work is a constant barrier? Are Day-care expenses hurting your pocket?

Well, consider finding a position that you can do from home. Many companies are allowing employees to start working from home because they are beginning to realize that this actually allows them to save thousands of dollars a year per employee. Also, the rising costs of fuel is a huge reason why companies are looking into the advantages of allowing employees to telecommute.

Not sure where to look for a work-at-home position? I've got a great place for you to check out. Work at Home Mafia.

Work at Home Mafia is a great online community to help introduce you to the world of work-at-home. They offer sections on companies that hire individuals to work from home. There are also a lot of wonderful and supportive members on the site that are friendly and helpful, including myself! :) I strongly encourage you to check out the site and start imagining yourself as a work-at-homer! The wealth of information there is unbelievable! The job leads are fresh and hot on the market! You might just land yourself a position you've only dreamed of! And of course, you will be well on your way to helping others find a work-at-home job for themselves too in no time! :)

IMPORTANT: And most of all, Remember this......Never pay anyone to work from home! A legit company will not ask you to pay them upfront to get started. You collect money from them, not the other way around! There are a lot of scams out there. Do not fall victim to fake work-at-home scams! :)

And that's all for now folks! Make sure to check back with me soon! And don't forget to check out the Mafia site if you're interested in working from home! :)

Hugs! :)

Life of Lele.lumz
(The life of a 20-something mom of 2 who enjoys the benefits of working from home while enduring the challenges of raising 2 kids & trying to make $MoNeY$ at the same time!)

Monday, July 21, 2008

INTRO: Welcome to my new blog!

Hello there!!!
Welcome to my new blog!
I am so happy that you stopped by to check it out! :)
Basically, I am new to the blogging scene but I am not a newbie
when it comes to writing and self-expression!
I love writing short stories and poetry, and I have done this for as long as I can remember!
Now that I am a little older, now married and now with children...
and with many, many life experiences under my belt....
I feel that I now have more interesting things to talk (or in this case...write) about!
So hopefully as my blog grows, so will my readers. I hope that I always offer something interesting and upbeat for everyone who stumbles across this blog in hopes that you will come back every so often to see what's new in the life of me....lele.lumz!

I give you.......

Life of Lele.lumz
(The Real life Blog of a 20-something mommy of 2 who knows nothing about blogging!)