Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Expression: Lions & Tigers & Bears....OH MY!

New Digital Camera $150
African Safari admission $65
3 Bags of "overpriced animal-safe" carrots $20
Taking a picture of a happy Zebra at an African Safari with your new camera after bribing him with carrots......Priceless!

Have you ever been on an African Safari or ever wanted to go on one?
Well, you should go!
Getting up close and personal with the animals allows you really get a good look at them, at their teeth and inside their mouth too! lol We took the kids to our 2nd visit to an African Safari over the weekend and we had alot of fun looking at the animals. This little guy here was all smiles when he got his carrot! lol What's funny to me is the fact that when you drive your vehicle through the safari, the animals all come hang out with you. They put their heads in your car and look all around to check out who's in there and what food you've got to give them. We even had a huge giraffe walk over and stick his head in our car to say hi! I didn't get a very good picture of him because his head was blocking me from reaching my camera! lol
We had mixed reactions in our family about getting up close to the animals. We all love animals, especially my husband....ironically he was the must scared of the animals....his window was up nearly the entire time! "He was too busy driving..." Yah right! :) My oldest son liked to watch the animals and talk to them with his window only slightly cracked...being cautious like always. My youngest son wanted to be all up on the animals and he was talking to them and laughing the whole time...acting wild as usual. That frightened me a bit! Me...I liked them but I was busy handling 1,000 tasks at once as usual! Trying to pay attention to the animals, take pictures, feed carrots, carefully watch little man, trying to encourage oldest son to have fun, passing around the hand sanitizer every 10 seconds and teasing hubby for being scared of the animals!
Also, the kids got to each ride a pony and they got to ride a camel together which was really cute. Then they both held a huge Boa Constrictor together.................now that was scary to me! But we had a great time and best of all, we managed to get out of there alive (which is always a plus! lol)
To search for Wildlife Safari's in you area, check out these places!

Life of Lele.lumz
(The real life expressions of a 20-something work-at-home mom of 2 who likes wildlife......through the comfort of her own vehicle! :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Expressions: Wanna Know What I've Been Reading?!

Kateedyd What?!
So........Are you bored with the Blogs that you've been reading lately?
(Hopefully not mine! lol)
Are you looking for something more interesting to read, something with more zing & zazz...
I would like to introduce you to this chic blogger, Kateedyd!
Kateedyd is a mom of 2 great kids "Yes-Yes & No-No" who lives in California and works from home.
Kateedyd has a blog called Kateedyd What?!
Kateedyd What?! is a blog that is one of my personal favorites because you can read about everything from parenting to crazy news headlines & everything in between! Kateedyd always offers a fun-loving & humorous outlook towards parenting and when reading her posts it's almost just like sitting there listening to your best friend talk about her day!
You can't help but love reading her posts! lol
Kateedyd What?! is a blog that I love to read and I'm sure you will love to read it too! You should check out Kateedyd at Kateedyd What?! sometime and see what she's up to!
By the way, another great thing about Kateedyd is:
If you have a blog & you visit her blog, leave her a comment on one of her posts....she will actually come visit your blog and leave a comment for you on one of your posts! :)
Life of Lelelumz
(The real life expressions of a 20-something work-at-home mom of 2 who loves reading Kateedyd What?!)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Expression: Planning a Baby Shower!

Remember in an earlier post when I told you that everyone I know is pregnant (with a baby girl!) right now? Well......my friend, Michelle, is the only exception to that statement thus far. Her & hubby decided to not find out if they are having a boy or girl right now and just wait to be surprised on D-day. Psssss: I think their having a girl just because that seems to be the trend right now. [Darn, why didn't I get in on this bandwagon?! lol I think I'm too late now....if I jumped on, it would be time for the boy season! I guess my timing is off or something! lol]
Well anywho, I have the privilege of throwing her a baby shower! I am soooo excited! We are actually waiting until after the baby boy or girl gets here (Due: October 8th) and we are having the shower at the end of the month. She wanted the baby to be there with her! So sweet! :)
So I'm looking for baby shower ideas, themes, food ideas, etc. I actually have a nice recruitment of friends who are willing to help with everything.....so that is helpful considering this is going to be a rather large baby shower. I love games....but not the boring typical baby shower games. I like fun, unique ones. I have been searching like mad on-line looking for stuff to go along with the whole MOD Mom theme that I am planning to use. I came across a game that I thought was great! Itty Bitty Baby Parts Ultrasound Game. I know most people cannot read or interpret an ultrasound of a baby and it is always funny to me to hear what people think is a head or an arm or baby boy anatomy! lol Having a background in the medical field, ultrasounds are very interesting to me (I guess I'm just nerdy like that!) and I thought this game would be a lot of fun and create alot of confusion and conversation at the same time. But anyways, I am having soooo much fun and I am getting all into the planning for it! I want it to be special for her. She deserves a wonderful baby shower and I am hoping that it really gives her a nice boost. Her & hubby lost their 1st baby girl a few years ago because of some birth defects and sadly, she spent most of her life in the hospital. This time around the doctors are very positive about the outcome and she is planning a normal labor & delivery with the baby that she is currently pregnant with. My heart really goes out to them for all that they have been through and at the same time, I really admire them for all of the wonderful things that are to come for them very soon when their 2nd little bundle of joy arrives! :) I'll keep ya posted!

Life of Lele.lumz
(The real life expressions of a work-at-home-mom of 2 who is planning a baby shower for a special friend who deserves the best! And is throwing in some unique games to play at the baby shower to confuse everyone! lol)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Expressions: Back-To-School Time....Already?

Is it really that time already? It must be~ because the calendar by my desk has the words 'First Day Back-to-School' written in red Sharpie marker on the agenda for early next week. Wow! The summer went by super fast. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, this time of year is soooo Bittersweet to me. I have such mixed feelings on back-to-school time. A little happy, a little sad, a little unsure........yep! All those feelings! :) For all the parents going through the same thing.....I feel your pain and your happiness~ both simultaneously! lol
A Thought For Today:
First Day of School-
There will be bigger hallways and bigger kids.
There will be new sounds, new friends and new teachers
whose names might sound a little scary at first.
She'll line up, look back and find her new seat in a new classroom
and at that moment you'll realize
this is your first day of school too.

What's funny is the fact that kids usually adjust better than adults in most cases! So while back-to-school may be tough on the parents sometimes....usually the kids get right through it with ease! I always feel better after the first few days of school and I'm sure you will too! For the parents that welcome this time of year with open arms......what's your secret? lol
Take Care! Until next time,
Life of Lele.lumz
(The real life expressions of a 20-something work-at-home mom of 2 who is about to experience her 'first day of school' part 2 when school starts next week!)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Confession: I Spent Too Much Money!

Ooops....I think I spent too much money this weekend!

Sometimes it is just too hard to resist! I sometimes get a real "feel good" type of sensation when I buy new stuff. Makes me feel renewed, rejuvenated and full of good feelings! Shopping is one of my favorite things and I must say, I have done really well keeping my spending & love for shopping under tight control, until this weekend I guess I just broke loose! Oh....yeah, I guess I should let you know what I bought. Well I didn't buy myself any new shoes, or shirts, or skirts.....I didn't buy myself any new make-up, jewelry, or perfume......nope, none of that. This weekend was strictly for the little guy....Yep! You guessed it. You know what time it is!....Back-To-School-Time! Of course this time of year is always bittersweet for me. I like when little guy goes back to school because so far he really likes it. Of course I miss him but there is someone who misses him much more....the littlest guy. He hates to see his big brother go back to school. He misses him soooo much. So, even as much as I love to shop.......it is still bittersweet each year when I load that shopping cart up with school supplies and that shopping bag up with back-to-school clothes. How do feel about the kids heading back to school? :)

Life of Lele.lumz
(The real life expressions of a 20-something work-at-home mom of 2 who loves to shop but feels mixed emotions about the whole back-to-school thing!)

Expression: I've been Tagged!

Anyone up for a game of tag?
Because I've been tagged.......So I'm It!
Kateedyd over at http://kateedydwhat.blogspot.com/ just tagged me and now it's my turn to tag you! LOL This newbie blogging stuff is filled with all sorts of fun & games!!! LOL

Here's whatcha do if I tagged you!

1) Link to the person who tagged you.
2) Post the rules on your blog (copy and paste 1-6).
3) Write 6 random things about yourself (see below).
4) Tag 6 people at the end of your post and link to them.
5) Let each person know they have been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6) Let the tagger (who tagged you) know when your post is up.

6 Random things about me? Hmmmmm........
1.) I am a Talker...........Haven't ya noticed that from my blog? I've always got something to say!
2.) I am a Listener........I'm hear for ya, I'm all ears! :)
3.) I am Sarcastic..........I like to add a little fun-loving sarcasim to my blog just to get your attention!
4.) I am Tired...............I don't get much sleep between 2 kids, a hubby, a few work-from-home jobs/gigs......I'm always busy doing something.
5.) I like People............All my brick-n-mortar jobs revolved around people (medical assisting, domestic violence shelter crisis call advocacy, nursing home assistant, etc) Working from home looking at my computer all day can be a little on the boring-side....of course I've got the kids to keep me company...(I'm not sure if they allow me to be sane though! LOL)
6.) I am New at Blogging....very, very new....and I don't think I even know 6 other bloggers to send this too......ummmmm...nope! I think I actually only have a few. Oh-well...The tagging must go on! LOL

I will send it to-

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These blogs are all wonderful blogs and I hope everyone will check them out! :)
I will add them all to MY Favorite Blogs List so you can check out their blogs too!

Life of Lele.lumz
(The real-life expressions of a 20-something work-at-home-mom of 2 who just got tagged!)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Confession: Shhhhhhh.......I Can't Hear Myself Think!

With kids......life is never as quiet as it once was. Sometimes it can be difficult just hearing yourself think! Do you ever have one of those days that you just need a few minutes of peace & quiet? Ahhhhh.......that's how I am feeling today! LOL The fun game of 'Let's see who can be the quietest for the longest' just doesn't work on kids anymore after they play the game sooo many times and see that it offers no true benefit to them. My kids seem to be always making noise and most of the time I am okay with that...or perhaps I've gotten used to that, however I catch myself asking them to please be quiet for so many reasons throughout the day. Think about how many times each day that we are actually asking for our kids to please be quiet for a second.....it's amazing how many times that they need to be reminded! LOL
Shhhhhh........the baby's asleep!
Shhhhhh........I'm on the phone!
Shhhhhh........I can't hear myself think!
Shhhhhh........You're talking way too loud!
Shhhhhh........We're at the library!
Shhhhhh........The neighbors are sleeping!
Shhhhhh........I can't hear the news!
Shhhhhh........I'm trying to work!
Shhhhhh........I'm trying to sleep!
Shhhhhh........It's a surprise!
And to think when they were little bitty babies...we just couldn't wait for them to start talking. Once they start, they Never stop! LOL
Hoping that my day gets a little quieter!
Life of Lele.lumz
(The real-life expressions of a 20-something work-at-home-mom of 2 who needs a time out!)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Expressions: The Breakdown of Birth Control Costs!

Breakdown of Birth Control Costs~ How much are you really paying each month!?
Okay.....you wanna hear something really crazy? Sure ya do! Well here goes! I'm sure many of you know how expensive oral contraceptives (birth control) can be. Many of you probably also know how insurance companies generally do not pay (or pay very little) of the cost of birth control, leaving the person who takes the pill with an expensive bill at the pharmacy each month. To me it is ironic to think that the insurance company will help assume financial responsibility for the care of a pregnant woman including an expensive labor & delivery bill, but not help cover the costs of birth control pills for the woman who says...."I do not wish to get pregnant at this time...." It's all mind boggling to me! When I worked at the Family Practice that I used to work at, I was fortunate enough to have all the birth control samples I ever wanted & needed....but today that is not the case. I'm on my own like soooo many other woman who have made the decision to take the pill. Are you ready for the crazy stuff I wanted to tell you?! Okay!
The current birth control pills that I take (and have taken for many years) costs me a whopping $67.00 a month. My insurance is so kind to cover a few dollars for me and $67.00 is what I am responsible for. Let's do some math, my friends................................
$67.oo a month, divided by 30 days in a month = $2.23 a day. (for that little tiny pill!)
So is it worth it? Let's break it down....
If you do the do (you know what I'm saying) x amount of times per month, this is the cost-
Once a day (or 30 times a month) = $2.23 each time.
Four times a week (or 16 x a month) = $4.18 each time.
Twice a week (or 8 times a month) = $8.37 each time.
Once a week (or 4 times a month) = $16.75 each time.
Bi-weekly (or twice a month) = $33.50 each time.
Once a month (Just one time!) = $67.00

I won't say which category I personally fall within...lol :) But I will say that birth control is not very cost-effective especially if you are not making great use of the benefits of it in your personal life! lol :)

In conclusion, I recently found out that Wal-Mart offers $4-$9 generic prescriptions......one of them is a birth control pill that only costs $9. That is $58 cheaper than what I currently pay! Is it really any different than the pill that costs so much? Probably not.....I guess birth control all pretty much serves the same general purpose, right? I, for one, am willing to give it a shot because I am thrilled about the price difference! Hopefully, I will only have great things to report back to you once I get started...and hopefully I won't be announcing a pregnancy or anything! lol
Life of Lele.lumz
(The real-life expressions of a 20-something work-at-home mom of 2 who is getting ripped off by the pharmaceutical company! lol)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Confession: Baby Girl Blues.....(I mean Pinks!)

Okay y'all......I LOVE my boys and I love all the fun stuff that little boys do...but the family is in testosterone overload these days! I have always wanted sons & daughters, and currently, I have all the boys I could ever need! I love them to pieces! But to date, I still have zero girls! I am sure that I am done having babies....but this is something I keep thinking about. *sigh* Decisions, Decisions! Of course this is coming from the mommy of 2 boys who saved every single one of her 200+ Barbie dolls, Barbie cars, houses, baby dolls, doll house, etc. for the little girl that she figured that she would have someday! Thankfully, my mom & dad have been ever so kind to keep all of this great girly stuff in storage at their house for me because I would have no-where to store it all here! lol

So, that's my dilemma/confession for today! It's a tough one! But I might add that I'm pretty sure that if I ever did have a little girl that she would probably be a tom-boy and not even care about the girly goods that I've saved for her for many moons! (Okay now, I'm not that old!)

By the way, did I mention that nearly Everyone that I know is pregnant right now.....all pregnant with little girls I might add! Yep! 8 of my pals/relatives are all pregnant right now....all having baby girls! So when I'm shopping for little girls stuff for their baby showers I might just go pink crazy and buy a pink and brown polka-dot nursery ensemble for my own little girl.....that I might decide to have one day.....OR NOT!!!!! Who knows! :) Either way, I'm super content with my family of 2 great little boys and 1 great hubby for now.....but I think a little girl added to the mix would be a whole lot of fun! lol
(The real-life blog of a 20-something work-at-home mom of 2 boys who would love to have a little girl one day......)