Monday, August 18, 2008

Expression: Planning a Baby Shower!

Remember in an earlier post when I told you that everyone I know is pregnant (with a baby girl!) right now? friend, Michelle, is the only exception to that statement thus far. Her & hubby decided to not find out if they are having a boy or girl right now and just wait to be surprised on D-day. Psssss: I think their having a girl just because that seems to be the trend right now. [Darn, why didn't I get in on this bandwagon?! lol I think I'm too late now....if I jumped on, it would be time for the boy season! I guess my timing is off or something! lol]
Well anywho, I have the privilege of throwing her a baby shower! I am soooo excited! We are actually waiting until after the baby boy or girl gets here (Due: October 8th) and we are having the shower at the end of the month. She wanted the baby to be there with her! So sweet! :)
So I'm looking for baby shower ideas, themes, food ideas, etc. I actually have a nice recruitment of friends who are willing to help with that is helpful considering this is going to be a rather large baby shower. I love games....but not the boring typical baby shower games. I like fun, unique ones. I have been searching like mad on-line looking for stuff to go along with the whole MOD Mom theme that I am planning to use. I came across a game that I thought was great! Itty Bitty Baby Parts Ultrasound Game. I know most people cannot read or interpret an ultrasound of a baby and it is always funny to me to hear what people think is a head or an arm or baby boy anatomy! lol Having a background in the medical field, ultrasounds are very interesting to me (I guess I'm just nerdy like that!) and I thought this game would be a lot of fun and create alot of confusion and conversation at the same time. But anyways, I am having soooo much fun and I am getting all into the planning for it! I want it to be special for her. She deserves a wonderful baby shower and I am hoping that it really gives her a nice boost. Her & hubby lost their 1st baby girl a few years ago because of some birth defects and sadly, she spent most of her life in the hospital. This time around the doctors are very positive about the outcome and she is planning a normal labor & delivery with the baby that she is currently pregnant with. My heart really goes out to them for all that they have been through and at the same time, I really admire them for all of the wonderful things that are to come for them very soon when their 2nd little bundle of joy arrives! :) I'll keep ya posted!

Life of Lele.lumz
(The real life expressions of a work-at-home-mom of 2 who is planning a baby shower for a special friend who deserves the best! And is throwing in some unique games to play at the baby shower to confuse everyone! lol)


Dracofly said...

yay! thats so exciting and fun! If you need some invitations, i dont personally sell them, but i know a bunch of other stores on do just do a search for baby shower or whatever! btw my store url is* :)

but like i said i dont specifically make the baby shower stuff...yet at least:)

Lele.lumz! said...

Thanks dracofly! I'll keep Zazzle in mind! You should seriously consider creating some invites and putting them on your Zazzle store...I've seen your work and I know that you would make some awesome designs! :)

Nicoyle said...

Oh that sounds like that would be a fun game with the ultrasound. That is something really unique to do.

Lele.lumz! said...

I'm excited about the game, Nicoyle! I'll post some pics of my improvements to the ultrasound cards after I finish them. I am actually working on them now. The way that they come is cute....but again, I am doing a more modern theme. Lots of browns & pinks if she has a girl and lots of browns & blues for a boy, if that's what she has....and lots of polka dots and stripes and stuff! lol Like I have nothing better to be doing than re-doing the cards! lol I am such a nerd! lol :)