Saturday, July 26, 2008

Expression: A Smile is Worth 1,000 Words! :)

Before I starting working from home, I used to work as a Medical Assistant at a very busy Family Practice/Medical Office. I really enjoyed it a lot. My favorite thing about the position was definitely the patients. There is something special about the feeling you get when you make a sick person feel better, put a worried mommy's mind to ease, hold a newborn baby in your arms, hug an elderly patient who is having a bad day, coax a young lady who is worried about an unplanned pregnancy, and make that ever anticipated phone call to an anxious gentleman to tell him that all of his blood work came back "just fine!"

Of course, no two days in the Medical Field are ever quite the same.....some days can be terribly heart-wrenching for physicians and nurses. It is difficult to see someone struggling with pain or dealing with the loss of someone close to them. I consider myself very empathetic and compassionate so it is common for me to find myself visualizing my own self in that person's shoes. It makes it easier to find the right words to say to them to provide them comfort and to let them know that you care.

One thing that I did share with all of the patients that we saw each day was a nice, comforting smile. Many times, I was thanked for my smile. I know how much a smile means to me, so it was wonderful to find out that it had the same importance to others around me. It's amazing how much something so small can mean to someone.

Have you made it a point to smile at others today? If not, go out and express yourself like I just did........
Sending smiles your way! :)
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