Thursday, September 11, 2008

Confession: My Blog Got a Face-Lift!

Blog- Surgery 101
Hey everyone! Today was an exciting day......The Life-of-Lele.lumz Blog underwent the first of a series of needed surgeries....a miniature, reconstructive face-lift! The blog had needed some repairs for quite some time. From a cosmetic stand-point, everything appeared to be out of place and the structure just did not flow well. Of course the inventor of this blog was and still is such a newbie when it comes to creating masterpieces....and this blog's appearance was certainly not worthy of the Brillante Weblog award that it recently received! lol So, after nearly 6 weeks of sitting around looking at all the other beautiful and well-proportioned blogs out there (i.e. All the Blogs in My Favs List!) the inventor of this blog decided that it was time to make a few necessary changes...something to improve the appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles, something to soften the appearance of the blog and add a little bit more color to the dull complexion that the blog had. After a little while of making sure that I had all the necessary tools and proper "diagnosis" HTML codes... I am happy to report that the surgery was a success! Nothing on the structure disappeared that was meant to stay and all of the flaws that were meant to go away, did! Of course, this blog is far from perfection and still needs to undergo a series of many, many more cosmetic repairs in the future.....however, this is a start!

Blog Surgical To-Do List
1. Full-Face Lift (for additional contouring not considered in mini-face-lift done today)
2. Blog Augmentation (for a more lifted and fuller look under the heading)
3. Edit abdominoplasty (for a thinner mid-section, trim off the excess)
4. Back-end Tuck (for improving the use of back-links)

So, despite what is to come in the near future.....
The blog is recovering well this evening....
She would be more than happy to receive any and all comments from her pals about how they feel she looks now compared to her old look. If she still needs improvement in other areas, please let her know! She is very happy to accept any and all comments. She desires to improve her look and she values the input of all you cosmetic experts out there! Thanks!

(The real life expressions of a 20-something work at home mom of 2 who has been prepping and planning, cutting & pasting, and screening and coding today! All the stresses of performing a face-lift for a first-time blogger!)


Dracofly said...

i absolutly love it!!!

Lele.lumz! said...

Thanks Dracofly! I'm still working on it and fortunately it hasn't been half as hard as I thought it would be! I'm all about ease of operation! lol :)

Nicoyle said...

Love the new blog template =)

Lele.lumz! said...

Thanks Nicoyle! I appreciate it! :)

Kateedyd said...

Oooo...great job! I'll email you some thoughts later. Love the colors, great pick! *Hugs*

Kateedyd What?!
Mommie’s Marbles

Lele.lumz! said...

Thanks Katee!
Loved the info!
You're a great help! :)

Kateedyd said...

OMG!!! UPDATE is needed! LOL!!! That's okay, I've got something for you to update with. Come by and get it...Mommie’s Marbles

Lele.lumz! said...

LOL! Kateedyd....I got busy with work and got a little lazy on my blog....oops! Thanks for the award! =)